Scholarships are one of the main tenets of the STEAM Sports Foundation.  But not ordinary scholarships.  The foundation seeks young people who are often over-looked or are from a demographic or culture that at times can be a bit marginalized.  The foundation advocates for these type of students.

There is no other organization of which we are aware that has dedicated itself to aspiring women engineers of color launch a career in this heavily male-centric environment.  It takes courage to be a trailblazer for our applicants.  We want to blaze that trail with them. 

Last year, the STEAM Sports Foundation awarded a $5,000 scholarship to a female of color, Kimberly Betty of Kettering University, whose goal is a career in the automotive or motorsports industry with an emphasis on alternative energies (i.e., EVs) or autonomous vehicles.  Such candidates are few and far in-between.  We want to change that.  In our inaugural year, we had applicants from around the U.S. from both technical colleges and four-year universities.  Finalists for the grant included Native Americans, Asians, Latin Americans, and Afro-Americans. 


Kimberly Betty (2).jpg

Scholarship Recipient

Kimberly Betty, a mechanical engineering student from Jamaica who goes to Kettering University was the 2021-22 recipient. She hopes to pursue a career in automotive engineering or motorsports.  Part of her award includes a NASCAR internship during the summer of ’22 with either the series or one of the NASCAR teams.  While the award currently is only for one year, we hope to raise sufficient additional funds to help Kimberly finish her college education.

We don’t want to stop with Kimberly, though.  The goal of the foundation is to award as many scholarships as we can.  Moving forward, we strive to award two-year grants of $5,000 per year ($10,000) total. And then another.  And another. 

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