Streaming Global has patent-pending technology that is revolutionizing the streaming industry as it works with streaming services for networks, teams, leagues, events, esports and wagering services.  Its agnostic technology solves the streaming industry’s pain points of:

o   Lower Latency – 30-60x faster that other media services.

o   Lower Cost – No need to own or maintain ingest or streaming infrastructure. Reduces cost 40-60%.

o   Higher Quality at Scale – Fewer steps in the pipeline that introduce visual artifacts combined with cloud infrastructure equals reliability at scale.

RiTE Media is a creative content and technology company comprised of a diverse tribe of creative producers, directors, artists and visual engineers who ideate, produce, and facilitate high-quality, bold audio-visual concepts using the world’s most leading edge technology. Its portfolio focuses on three core categories: Narrative, Commercial Tablet and Music Visuals.

Christmas in Wunderville is a family musical created by Zac Passante and Mark T. Williams in conjunction with Moondog Animation Studios. It is a mesmerizing tale of good and evil set in the village of Wunderville during a very special time of the year. Spliced with lovable characters (and one not so lovable), the tale reveals hints of augmented reality and is accompanied by holiday-appropriate merchandising opportunities.

RAION™ is designed to disrupt the athletic shoe industry.  Nearly 90% (documented) of the population has gait (walking, running) issues.  Some of these are severe and require implants, bracing and even surgery. 


An athlete, meanwhile, suffers injuries which often are severe enough to cause lost playing time or surgery.  Those injuries result in missed games and millions of dollars of down time for both athletes and teams alike.  The “shoe system” created by RAION reduces, and in many cases eliminates, those pains and injuries by being woven into the shoe lasts and using a patent-pending inner strapping system.