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Crowdking Takes Major Role in "Powering Silicon Valley" & Sports Summit

Headlines Game Day Nov. 4 vs. San Diego State

SAN JOSE, CA (October 9) – Crowdking, the proverbial one-stop site to enhance fan engagement, will be the primary game day sponsor for San Jose State’s football contest Nov. 4 vs. nationally ranked San Diego State. 

Headed by Founder & CEO Anthony Fenu, Crowdking has emerged onto the sports tech scene with applications and engagements that are some of the most comprehensive and interactive to hit the sports and entertainment marketplace. 

Crowdking connects fans to teams, leagues, and sports facilities by engaging and rewarding them with information tied to augmented reality experiences, tickets, merchandise, transportation, parking, fan chats, team/player news and information, concessions, and social media interaction while providing teams with fan insights, data and predictive analytics through machine learning/artificial intelligence.

"We are a growing company with a very dynamic product for the sports and entertainment marketplace," says Fenu. "Our passions in both technology and sports come to life in an environment such as this weekend, and we are excited to share what we do while helping to grow the sports tech community."

Crowdking will receive major in-game branding as well as participate in promotional activities leading up to the Nov. 4 kickoff.

In addition, Crowdking will play a major role in the Spartans’ “Powering Silicon Valley Weekend” that on Nov. 3 will feature a STEAM sports summit focusing on the science, technology, engineering, art and math behind sports and entertainment. The event will coincide with the summit, targeting students with STEAM-oriented backgrounds interested in careers with companies and teams in the Bay Area. Fenu will speak on one of the panels, while CrowdKing brands various aspects of the summit.



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Powering Silicon Valley:

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