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From the President's Desk...

ATLANTA, GA (June 18) - It is not uncommon for me to be asked, “So what are you working on these days?”  Consequently, I thought it beneficial to do a News & Notes brief regarding Dickinson Partners Group, STEAM Sports Group and the STEAM Sports Foundation.

In growing the business development and strategic marketing arm of Dickinson Partners, we have signed an agreement with Streaming Global and secured a strategic partnership with Ionized Clean Air. 

Streaming Global ( has patent-pending technology that is revolutionizing the streaming industry as it works with streaming services for networks, teams, leagues, events, esports and betting services.  Its technology solves the streaming industry’s pain points of:

  • Lower Latency – 30-45X faster that other media services

  • Lower Cost – No need to own or maintain ingest or streaming infrastructure

  • Higher Quality – Fewer steps in the pipeline that introduce visual artifacts

  • Higher Scale – Simplicity combined with cloud infrastructure equals reliability at scale.

Ionized Clean Air is a health science entity that works through parent company AmericanION to sanitize and destroy most of the world’s most serious bacteria such as flu, tuberculous, MRSA, C.Difff, E.Coli, Polio and Staph in the air and on surfaces, often in less than an hour.  There are application devices for home, office and the medical industries.

  • Dickinson Partners is putting the final touches on relationships with several non-competing film production studios with a keen interest in producing original and branded content.  Part of that mix includes industry-changing technology with those studios.  Through a long-time professional and personal relationship with one of the owners of Moondog Animation Studios ( based in Charleston, SC, we have been introduced to several other production studios across the United States with the intent of developing a unified market and business development strategy among all entities.  Watch this space!

  • STEAM Sports Group continues its focus on workforce and talent development with several workshops and career summits in the pipeline for 2020.  The automotive/motorsports space continues to be of high focus as does the college athletics market.

  • STEAM Sports Foundation, meanwhile, continues its push toward raising scholarship and grant monies for young people who wish to impact the auto/motorsports industry, specifically targeting women, minorities and the economically challenged.  SSF participated in USA Today’s recent A Community Thrives Challenge and is continuing its fund-raising quest via donations through Crowd Rise’s crowd funding app: 

Our goal is to raise $20,000 for a pair of $5,000 scholarships and a $10,000 accelerator grant to a startup.

  • On June 26, I will join a panel of my TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) Media and Digital Entertainment peers, discussing how technology is impacting the world of sports and entertainment.  Joining me at TAG’s Atlanta North site will be Diane Bloodworth (Founder & CEO of Competitive Sports Analysis), Andrew Greenberg (Executive Director of the Georgia Game Developers Association), and Brian Finn (Lead Athletic Trainer & Strength Coach at Northside Hospital).  David Geddes, CEO of International Sports Technology Association will moderate

  • In our efforts to support Atlanta’s Westside Future Fund and organizations that it touches, we have created a relationship with Young Authors Publishing (  YAP is a not-for-profit children's book publishing company that exists to share the stories of children, many who live in the impoverished cities of America.  The organization provides its Young Authors with a self-sufficient pathway through book publishing.  Our mission is to introduce Atlanta-area athletes to the young authors for encouragement, mentorship and perhaps even storylines pertaining to sports.

Bob Dickinson

President/Executive Director

Dickinson Partners Group/

STEAM Sports Group/

STEAM Sports Foundation

T: 770-915-0125

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