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Meet Oakland University’s Taya Dinkins-Goldsmith, STEAM Sports Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Personal Profile:

College: Oakland University

Hometown: Pontiac, MI

Major: Computer Science

Aspirational Car: Corvette Z06

10-Year Predictions: Vehicle validation will be nearly 100% virtual.

What You May Not Know About Me: 1) Read Manga 2) Play Video Games 3) Watch Movies 4) Love going to concerts

How did you get so interested in the auto industry?

When I was in the 5th grade, I had the opportunity to attend a WISE event held at General

Motors’ Pontiac Engineering Campus. At this event, I got to hear from so many engineers and

learned just how large the auto industry is. I knew that no matter what interests or skills I had, I

would always have a place and career in the automotive industry.

When did it get serious for you?

It got serious for me during the Summer before my senior year when I began my first

engineering internship with GM. Once I got to experience the daily life and responsibilities of an

engineer, I knew that this was something I would be doing for the rest of my life.

What automotive aspect interests you the most?

The most interesting aspect is seeing the new developments in technology. During my

internships, I’ve been able to see what goes into a car before it reaches production.

It’s like seeing a glimpse into the future before everyone else.

How do you approach the challenges of being a minority engineering student in what has

been traditionally a non-minority career path?

Unfortunately, when I walk into engineering spaces, I’m almost always the only Black Woman in

the room. Rather than forcing myself to assimilate and hide the different aspects of my identity, I

stand proud of who I am, and I always speak up for myself and others.

A little bit about myself.

I’m a very laid-back person. I enjoy taking it easy and relaxing. To relax I like to read manga,

play video games, and watch movies. I recently discovered that I love going to concerts! I’m

hoping to go to some more live shows soon.

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