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"Powering Silicon Valley” Sports Summit & Insider Luncheon Reveals Full Slate of Speakers

SAN JOSE, CA (October 19) - Corporations large and small, executives from the Bay Area’s top professional sports teams and some noteworthy members of San Jose State’s athletic community round out the slate for SJSU’s “Powering Silicon Valley” STEAM sports summit and “Insider” luncheon, Nov. 3.

The summit and luncheon will mix corporate executives with students learning more about the ever-developing world of how technology – as well as science, engineering, art and math – is impacting career opportunities in sports and entertainment.

The “Silicon Valley Corporations” panel will reveal the stories behind those companies, demonstrate their impact on sports and entertainment, and look at future developments, suggesting to students where the opportunities are and will be. The panel, moderated by former Super Bowl 50 chief executive Keith Bruce now with Quint Events, includes:

  • Andy Steen, Avaya sports marketing

  • Jeff Ota, San Jose Earthquakes Technology Advisory Board/Intel

  • Ziad Tleimat, TeamRunner CEO

  • Anthony Fenu, Crowdking CEO & Co-Founder

Crowdking will sponsor the Spartan’s Saturday football game vs San Diego State.

San Jose State athletics will give an up-close-and-personal glimpse of how the STEAM of sports – science, technology, engineering, art and math – is influencing sports and being used within its football program to prepare students on both the athletic field and for career opportunities. That panel includes:

  • Brent Brennan, SJSU head football coach

  • Michael Carillo, SJSU team member

  • Cam Radford, Director of Football Digital Communications

  • Adam Tafralis, former SJSU quarterback

Previously announced panelists representing teams and sports organizations will address the changing face of the sports industry from an employer standpoint revealing where current and future opportunities reside for students with STEAM-centric backgrounds.

  • Bill Schlough, Sr. VP/CIO, San Francisco Giants

  • Neda Tabatabaie, VP Business Intelligence, San Jose Sharks

  • Mounir Zok, Director of Technology & Information, USOC

  • Jesse Lovejoy, Director STEAM Education & 49ers Museum/Managing Partner EDU Academy

  • Tom Fox, President of the San Jose Earthquakes, will deliver closing keynote remarks at the Insider Luncheon.

The Nov. 3 “Powering Silicon Valley” STEAM Sports Summit and ‘Insider’ Luncheon will be held Friday, Nov. 3 in the Diaz-Compean Student Union from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

About STEAM Sports Group/STEAM Sports Foundation

Recognizing workforce and economic development as integral parts of corporate growth, STEAM Sports Group and STEAM Sports Foundation work with companies, educators and sports groups to develop initiatives around science, technology, engineering, arts and math that prepare and excite America’s youth in an effort to create tomorrow’s vibrant workforce.

STEAM Sports Group ( is a marketing and special events firm that activates and focuses on how to integrate corporate STEM and STEAM initiatives with sporting events, leagues, conferences, governing associations and athletes. STEAM Sports Foundation (www.steam seeks funding primarily for education programs, curriculums and scholarships in an effort to unite business, education and sports.

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