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“Powering Silicon Valley” Weekend Coming to San Jose State

A powerful collaboration between athletics and academics comes to San Jose′ State University Nov. 3- 4 with an emphasis on the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) behind sports and entertainment.

In partnership with STEAM Sports Group, an Atlanta-based firm with offices in in San Francisco, SJSU will “Power Silicon Valley” by hosting a two-day summit that will include a STEAM sports summit Friday morning and the SJSU vs. San Diego State football game Saturday.

The Friday, Nov. 3 summit will feature keynote speakers and panelists from Silicon Valley companies and area sports teams. The summit is open to any corporation or entity whose technology, product or service impacts sports or entertainment or wishes to learn more about them. Students from San José State and local high schools will be invited. 

The Nov. 3 activities will be held at the university’s Diaz Compean Student Union. The summit will bring together students from San José State (the largest supplier of college-educated professionals to Silicon Valley), researchers working on cutting-edge technologies, and Silicon Valley companies that impact the world of sports or entertainment. 

Members of the Spartan football team will have a role and presence in the two-day program. Saturday’s job fair will be moved adjacent to CEFCU Stadium and lead into the Spartans’ tech-centric themed contest against San Diego State.

What They Are Saying About “Powering Silicon Valley”

“We continually look for unique opportunities to showcase our university, our athletics programs and in this instance, our football team. Our location in the heart of Silicon Valley should allow us to take advantage of great innovation and make everything about our program valuable and better. As a result, we are looking for partners from Silicon Valley, particularly those who actively touch and participate in the world of sports and entertainment, to help us put a special emphasis on this weekend.”

Marie Tuite, San Jose State University Director of Athletics   

“By 2025, eighty percent (80%) of all jobs are going to require some sort of STEAM-based training, and that includes careers in sports and entertainment. San Jose State’s unique collaboration between academics and athletics drives all that home right here in the heart of Silicon Valley where companies are doing amazing things that impact sports and entertainment. There is no question that San Jose State is playing a huge role in preparing tomorrow’s talent pool.”

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