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Silicon Valley Thought Leaders Talk STEAM and Sports

When Silicon Valley executives get together with some of the top Bay Area sports team executives on a college campus to talk sports, tech and career opportunities most anything can happen.  Here’s a little taste of what happened recently at the “Powering Silicon Valley” STEAM Sports Summit at San Jose State University... VIDEO.

Over the next several weeks, STEAM Sports Group will feature comments from many of the thought leaders who attended and participated in the summit.  Follow us on Twitter @steamconnect and Facebook @steamconnections to get the insights of:

  • Tom Fox (San Jose Earthquakes)

  • Andy Dolich (Sports Industry Veteran)

  • Mounir Zok (USOC)

  • Bill Schlough (San Francisco Giants)

  • Jeff Ota (San Jose Earthquakes Innovation Board/Intel)

  • Andy Steen (Avaya)

  • Neda Tabatabaie (San Jose Sharks)

  • Keith Bruce (SB50, QuintEvents/F1 Experience)

  • Anthony Fenu (Crowdking)

  • Jesse Lovejoy (San Francisco 49ers)

  • Coach Brent Brennan (SJSU)

  • Ziad Tleimat (TeamRunner)

  • Michael Carillo (SJSU football team)

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