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STEAM Sports Foundation Opens Applications for"Women of Color" Scholarships

Focus is on Motorsports/Automotive/Transportation

ATLANTA, GA (Jan. 24) - Applications for STEAM Sports Foundation’s “Women of Color” scholarships to further education for those aspiring to careers in the motorsports, automotive, or transportation industry are now open.

Applicants can go to the foundation’s website,, for more information or click on the CLICK HERE TO APPLY link below.

The scholarships target women of color who choose to follow either an engineering or technician career path.

To date, STEAM Sports Foundation has provided $5,000 scholarships to Kimberly Betty (Kettering University), Ashley Jones (Wayne State University) and Jinelee Galindez (Universal Technical Institute).

“In order for women to believe there are career opportunities in what can be argued is the world’s most vital industry, the transportation industry, they must see successful people who look like themselves," says Executive Director Bob Dickinson. “We understand that much of the research and development in the auto industry occurs via motorsports, and we encourage our scholarship winners to become pioneers and innovative leaders in this vital field."

STEAM Sports Foundation cites four main tenets in its efforts to provide these opportunities:

1) We want to be leading agents for diversity, equity, inclusion and advocates for change.

2) We want “Women of Color” to see the automotive/motorsports industry as an exciting and productive career option.

3) We want “Women of Color” to be pioneers in a field where they did not believe opportunities previously existed because they did not see people who looked like them in those positions.

4) We want our scholarship winners to focus on the future of the automotive industry – environmentally conscious and sustainable innovations that include electric and autonomous vehicles.

Applications will remain open until May 31 with a specially-formed selection committee naming recipient(s) by June 30. The selection committee will determine the number of $5,000 scholarships to be provided.

About STEAM Sports Foundation

Recognizing workforce and economic development as integral parts of corporate growth STEAM Sports Foundation works with companies, educators and sports groups to develop initiatives around science, technology, engineering, arts and math that impact the world of sports & entertainment.

The foundation’s focus is on scholarships and career summits in an effort to help create tomorrow’s vibrant workforce. Its “Women of Color” scholarship program in automotive/motorsports engineering provides diversity to a transportation industry that is ever-changing via innovation and technology with individuals who traditionally did not consider these career paths simply because they saw few who looked like them in the industry.

Donations can be made via PayPal.. ACH transfers are available. Benevity registered.



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