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Heinricher Follows Less-Chosen Path

Atlanta, GA (April 2) - Jackie Heinricher has taken a page from Robert Frost following the path less chosen. A biotech scientist who started the company Booshoot in her garage, she has become a leading voice of females in the male-dominated automotive/motorsports world.

Surrounded by talented engineers and some of the best female drivers on the planet, Jackie’s Booshoot Racing team competes with the No. 57 Meyer Shank Caterpillar Acura in the IMSA Series. She admits some see it as an odd path, but one in which she has become a comfortable crusader.

“I have always been driven by innovation and diversity,” says Jackie. “There is a lot of talent out there just waiting and hoping for an opportunity. That opportunity is not simply to compete but to demonstrate leadership as well. Those are our messages.

“It’s quite a challenge to take a leadership position, which is why we support STEAM Sports Foundation’s program to create scholarships and grants to females, minorities and those who are challenged economically in their efforts to break into the automotive/motorsports industry.”

Her Caterpillar team of Katherine Legge, Simona De Silvestro, Bia Figueiredo and Christina Nielsen all recognize the challenge – and are up for it.

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