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Scholarships for Women of Color

When the STEAM Sports Foundation was created in 2016, we knew we wanted to help guide STEM/STEAM students to innovative careers in sports and entertainment.

That was modeled through the STEAM Sports Summit held in conjunction with San Jose State and a three-year program with Honda’s IndyCar program in concert with leading automotive engineering universities.

What next?

In all candor, the pandemic threw our progress and development a curve. But we persevered. A year ago, we decided that despite a challenging fund-raising environment we would launch a scholarship program for a very specific group of students.


Women of Color.

Women engineers or technicians.

Women looking to EVs and AVs (electric vehicles; autonomous vehicles) as potential automotive careers.

We succeeded. The diverse field of applicants was narrowed to four great young women. A Black. An Asian. A Native American. A Hispanic.

Kettering University’s Kimberly Betty from Jamaica was the ultimate recipient. She will serve an internship with NASCAR or one of its race teams next summer.

As we close 2021 and move into 2022, the financial need is great to grow our scholarship fund. While Betty received a $5,000 one-year grant, we want to augment her opportunity. In addition, our goal is to fund five, four-year $20,000 grants ($5,000 per year) - a total of $100,000.

In our effort to support racial diversity, equity and inclusion, we at the STEAM Sports Foundation believe very strongly in providing unique career opportunities to those who previously were not encouraged to explore these innovative fields or believed those opportunities did not exist for them. We very much want to be leading agents and advocates for change.

Won’t you help us?

For more information about the grants and how to give, contact STEAM Sports Foundation Executive Director Bob Dickinson at or call 770-815-0125.

Donations can be made via PayPal.

About STEAM Sports Foundation

STEAM Sports Foundation works with companies, educators and sports organizations to develop initiatives around science, technology, engineering, arts and math that prepare and excite America’s youth in an effort to unite business, education and sports while creating tomorrow’s vibrant workforce. The Georgia-based 501c3’s primary focus is on scholarships and educational summits that involve both students and corporations.

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