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Sports Tech “Story of the Month” - Pro Athletes Take on Technology Investments

The days of professional athletes investing in car dealerships, restaurants and yachts (really?!?) are fading fast. Not only is common sense beginning to take precedent, but the explosion of how the tech industry impacts sports and entertainment has truly resonated with the professional sports athlete turned entrepreneur. That is why for this month’s SportTechie “Story of the Month” we chose to bring attention to those athletes that SportTechie has highlighted this past month for their savvy roles as investors, developers, adapters, and evangelists for the burgeoning tech products, services and businesses influencing their back yard. Here’s a quick look at those featured in July:

Hunter Pence, SF Giants, eSports Amar ‘e Stoudemire, former NY Knick, tech investor/speaker Justin Tuck, NY Giants/Oakland Raiders, tech investor/MBA Wharton Roger Saffold, LA Rams, owner Rise Nation (eSports) Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens, investor Mojit/angel investor Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks, VICIS investor Emmit Smith, Dallas Cowboys, launched LEGIT app Kobie Bryant, 15 Seconds of Fame investor Kevin Durant, investor, “Players Technology Summit” Stephen Curry, investor, “Players Technology Summit” Andre Igoudala, investor, “Players Technology Summit” Ravindra Jadeja, pro cricket, app developer Donatari Poe, Atlanta Falcons, investor, Winner Sutro Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies, VC investor Rick Fox, eSport team owner Michael Bennett, Seattle Seahawaks, iamtheCode partnership (Girls Who Code) We suspect this is just the beginning. LINK TO MONTHLY SPORTTECHIE ARTICLE STEAM Sports Group is a marketing and special events firm that focuses on how to integrate corporate STEM and STEAM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) with sporting events leagues, conferences, governing associations and athletes. STEAM Sports Foundation is SSG’s ancillary 501c3 that seeks funding primarily for educational programs, curriculums and scholarships in an effort to unite business, education and sports. It has locations in Atlanta, San Francisco and Greenville SC. SportTechie is the world’s leading resource devoted to the burgeoning intersection of sports technology. It covers the latest technological innovations, ideas, and products that impact the fan experience, player performance, and sports industry as a whole. One will never find the latest player news or scores on SportTechie. Instead, it reports the cutting-edge developments with in-depth analysis and exclusive interviews to educate fans and industry experts alike. SportTechie analyzes and illuminates the growing number of ways technology is evolving the sports loved by many.

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