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Stanford's Arisa Chue Talks About Her Study in Hong Kong; AI in Motorsports

Arisa Chue grew up thinking of cars as mechancial marvels. As a computer science major at Stanford, she has dived into data telemetry, sensor data, machine learning and AI as she explores the car of tomorrow. Below, she talks about her recent study abroad semester.

Last Fall, I had the opportunity to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have always been interested in China - the largest automotive market in the world. I was interested to see how China influences and competes with the US - I got tremendous insights into how research, tech, and business is conducted in China, in areas such as venture capital funding for emerging electric vehicle companies and how vital software is to these innovative automotive pioneers.

A software ecosystem of partners that deliver additional capabilities is critical to the auto industry's future. Beyond proprietary onboard software that manages a car, modern vehicles are now connected to the cloud for navigation, self-driving intelligence, and payments for optional subscriptions.

Last summer, I interned at a company specializing in artificial intelligence for self-driving cars. I would love to explore further opportunities in artificial intelligence, specifically focusing on its application with motorsport teams. These teams already leverage advanced artificial intelligence for a competitive edge, using real-time telemetry sensors and complex computing models to determine race strategies such as fuel usage and tire wear against pit stop time penalties.

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