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STEAM Sports Group Opens San Francisco Office

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Atlanta, GA (September 12) – STEAM Sports Group has announced the opening of a San Francisco office to be led by sports marketing veteran John Clamme. STEAM Sports Group Founder and President Bob Dickinson called the new market for the firm’s STEM/STEAM based sports initiatives “the perfect scenario in the perfect place with the perfect guy.

“We have been looking at that market for a while,” said Dickinson. “Having spent several years out there recently, I am well aware of the impact and influence Silicon Valley and the Bay Area have in the world of technology as well as science, math, engineering and the arts.

“John not only has great corporate contacts in that market, but his reputation as a savvy sports business person speaks for itself. And we are really impressed and attracted to his relationships within the collegiate athletics spectrum, a natural place to unite business, education and sports.”

Clamme has more than 16 years experience in sales, marketing, management and business development within the sports, arts, entertainment and education sectors. He was founder of Bay Area Sports Entertainment (BASE) where he provided services and programs for the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors and Super Bowl 50. His education tentacles reach into collegiate programs at Stanford, Butler, Cal-Berkeley, UCLA, USF, St. Mary’s, Santa Clara, the Horizon League and the West Coast Conference. He has also done programs in motorsports (TRG/Aston Martin Racing), music (Live Nation/Ticketmaster), the arts (SFMOMA) and high school athletics technology (CaptainU).

"Having worked in the San Francisco Bay Area corporate marketplace for so many years,” said Clamme, “I have consulted and worked with numerous brands and seen first-hand how their outlook and strategies have changed over the years. The more people I speak with, the more I hear them inquiring about STEM/STEAM based initiatives. They know they want to be in this space, they simply don't know HOW to get into that space. That's where STEAM Sports Group can help!"

Clamme is also involved with Team 4th & Cure, a non-profit organization for leukemia and lymphoma research. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco.

STEAM Sports Group is North America’s only marketing and special events firm that focuses exclusively on integrating STEM and STEAM initiatives with sporting events, leagues, conferences, teams, governing associations and athletes. Recognizing workforce and economic development as an integral part of corporate growth, SSG works with companies, educators and sports groups to develop initiatives around science, technology, engineering, arts and math that prepare and excite America’s youth in an effort to create tomorrow’s vibrant workforce. SSG has done programs with Honda, DeltaWing Technology Group, Raycom/ACC, Ohio State, Purdue University and San Jose State University.

STEAM Sports Group is a Dickinson Partners LLC company, which also operates a 501c3, STEAM Sports Foundation, as part of its organization. It now has offices in Atlanta, San Francisco and Greenville, SC.

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