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Nike, Apple Collaboration on Apple Watch NikeLab Named Sports Tech Story of the Month

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Every month SportTechie ( does an amazing job covering the latest and greatest stories in sports technology.  This past month (April) was no different.  And while we are tempted to go with one of our local favorites - the Atlanta Braves and its opening of tech-centric Sun Trust Park and The Battery – as the Tech Sports Story of the Month, one other caught our attention.

It was not a very long or in-depth story and you may have missed it if you were scrolling through SportTechie’s news items quickly.  But it represented something very critical to the continued surge of how technology impacts sports and to a large degree, entertainment as well.   Partnerships.  The art of two companies doing business and collaborating to create not only a win-win for each company concerned, but also for the consumer and/or its clientele.  

As a result, we point to the collaboration between Nike and Apple, two behemoths in the world of tech and apparel.  The new Apple Watch NikeLab, according to SportTechie’s report, “features a new strap design, integration with the Nike+ Run Club app, exclusive Siri commands, GPS two-times brighter display and water resistance to 50 meters all powered by a dual-core processor and watch OS 3”.   Last fall, the two introduced the Apple Watch Nike+, which combined the Apple Watch Series 2 with Nike Sports Brands. Wearables are changing the face of individual, athlete and team training and analytics.  As a result, for their partnering in the world of sports tech, STEAM Sports Group chooses the Nike-Apple collaboration as the Sports Tech Story of the Month.   

LINK TO MONTHLY SPORTTECHIE ARTICLE STEAM Sports Group is a marketing and special events firm that focuses on how to integrate corporate STEM and STEAM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) with sporting events, leagues, conferences, governing associations and athletes.   STEAM Sports Foundation is SSG’s ancillary 501c3 that seeks funding primarily for educational programs, curriculums and scholarships in an effort to unite business, education and sports. It has locations in Atlanta, San Francisco and Greenville SC. SportTechie is the world’s leading resource devoted to the burgeoning intersection of sports technology. It covers the latest technological innovations, ideas, and products that impact the fan experience, player performance, and sports industry as a whole. One will never find the latest player news or scores on SportTechie. Instead, it reports the cutting-edge developments with in-depth analysis and exclusive interviews to educate fans and industry experts alike. SportTechie analyzes and illuminates the growing number of ways technology is evolving the sports loved by many.  To subscribe to the SportTechie newsletter:

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